Banlist Overview

     Overall Bans: 47023     Bans added last update: 2      Bans added this week: 1      Banlist was last updated: August 09 2006 20:54:43.
You may click the ban counts above to download the appropriate banlist.

Banlist Usage and Installation

There are several means by which you can update the banlists on your server. We provide total, weekly and daily banlists for the best ease of use in maintaining your server. The first and most important banlists, are our "TOTAL" banlists, which include every ban to date. These files come in two formats,

(FTP Access) PB_SV Master Ban List

To use this file, right click the above file and click Save As, then rename the file to acibans.cfg. Then, upload the saved file to your server's PB folder (On
home systems it is usually C:\Program Files\America's Army\System\pb). Enter your server as Admin or access the PB webtool if you have it set up. As admin,
type admin pb_sv_load acibans.cfg or in webtool, type pb_sv_load acibans.cfg. You may also place the pb_sv_load acibans.cfg command at the bottom of
your server scripts, once.

(FTP Access) Master Banlist (Timestamped)

This file is usually the best option to load the banlist, as it can be placed in your server's PB folder and your configuration settings can be used to load it instantly on startup. To use the above banlist, right-click the above link and Save As acibans.dat. Place this file in your server's PB folder and in your
pbsv.cfg, add pb_sv_banload acibans.dat.

Banlist Reasons and Terms

Master Ban List Reasons and Terminology

Ban Search Tool

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